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LGBT Market

LGBT Market

At Deliso Financial and Insurance Services, we take pride in working with the LGBT market. We work closely with these clients to build strategy focused on the unique factors important to the LGBT community, as well as individual goals and objectives. Throughout our holistic process, we’ll work with our LGBT clients to understand their financial situation, define how they will handle their finances, identify what they should receive as benefits from an employer, and set up strong plans for retirement, estate and long-term care.

Know Your Situation

Jean and her team have spent extensive time learning the ins and outs of different state laws and requirements for married and partnered same-sex couples, and they will work with you to know what you need to do to be protected. The Deliso Financial team also suggests working with an estate attorney to make sure that important documents such as a living trust or will, durable powers of attorney and parental rights agreements are in place.

Defining Your Financial Arrangement

Same-sex partners living together need to determine and understand how to handle their finances – whether that’s together or separately. By making a financial plan ahead of time, it will enable Jean and her team to help plan for long-range retirement or short-range financial items.

Know Your Benefits

Many employers offer benefits to life partners of their employees, which can often include health insurance. These can sometimes be set up as taxable income unless your partner is defined as a dependent on your year-end tax return, and Jean and her team can help you identify and select a new plan based on this information.

Building a Bridge to Your Future

Planning for the future as life partners or married same-sex couples can oftentimes be daunting. Jean and her team can help LGBT clients set up retirement, estate, life insurance and long-term care plans so that you can rest easy knowing you’re covered for all of life’s events.

*Neither Deliso Financial and Insurance Services, nor New York Life Insurance Company or its agents offer legal, tax nor accounting advice. Please consult your own legal, tax or accounting professionals before making any decisions.



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